Friday, 7 May 2010

you know it's bad when...

things that look like this:

taste really good.

It means I haven't had the will to make anything new, to try particularly hard to learn a new dish or anything of the sort. I have been a bit depressed and lost recently, only cheered up when more work comes in (I know, I'm weird). I should be celebrating the new asparagus, making spring-inspired dishes. I should have grown vegetables this year, but since we are selling the house I haven't bothered. Idiot - we will be here for at least broad bean season and well into the summer.

Those dumplings above were procured at Tesco on New Street in Birmingham. They have a magnificent Eastern European food section there and these pierogi were smiling up at us. There were two flavours - meat, and sauerkraut and mushroom. And they were surprisingly good, although the pork fat content of the former was a bit high and made you feel like you were killing yourself as you ate them. Nevertheless, they made an easy meal for a pair of tired people. We really must learn to make them from scratch... this was shameful.


  1. Its not shameful.

    You are just being fed the idea that everything must be made from scratch to be good. The kind of shit us women get forced down us everywhere we look.

    If it tastes good and you enjoyed it, it does not matter.

    You are selling up home and moving. You are not superhuman.

    I feel like I want to come round with a massive bag of bad-ass chocolates (guilt shared is the best kind of guilt).

  2. :-) You are always welcome, with or without a massive bag of chocolates!

    You're right about not beating myself up about eating ready prepared things every now and then. It is very rare for us and a bit of a treat and I should see it as normal.